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We're wishing our clients a new year distinguished by free, unfettered flight. We've mailed ready-to-color, original-illustration, owl and eagle masks plus a large set of colored pencils. The masks do more than reinforce our market niche - aviation marketing. They also communicate our nonprofit holiday giving: the Eagle Valley Raptor Center, which helps injured raptors regain their wings. If you didn't receive our mailing, you can still join in the fun. Bring the black-and-white creations to life with color and to then share by posting photos on social media and tagging them with #MyWings.

They come in boxes and crates. Birds of prey injured, poisoned, starving or orphaned. They leave flying free, wings in the wind. Ken Lockwood and his nonprofit Eagle Valley Raptor Center take in more than 100 birds each year, nurse them back to health, then return them to the wild.

Download owl mask
Download eagle mask